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Metamorfosis tou Sotiros Church

Few Words about the Church

 Metamorfosis tou Sotiros Chruch in Palaichori
 Metamorfosis tou Sotiros Chruch in Palaichori

Transfiguration of the Saviour (UNESCO)

The church of Metamorfoseos tou Sotiros since 2000 is part of the nine other byzantine churches found in Troodos decorated with wall frescoes, in the list of World Heritage Monuments of UNESCO. The church was built at the start of the 16th century and belongs to the architectural type of a single isled wooden roofed temple. The narthex, which appears to have existed since at least the beginning of the 17th century, extends west and south of the temple in the form of an alley, and is covered by the same gabled roof. The inside of the temple is ornamented. Decorated by wall frescoes dating to the beginning of the 16th century, in time with the building of the temple. The wall murals are part of one of the most completed pictorial sets of the post-byzantine art of Cyprus.

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 Metamorfosis tou Sotiros Chruch in Palaichori

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